Moving to a new place can be fun but challenging! So far there are two groups in Bergamo that try to offer international English-speakers here a bit of a social network.

There is a Meetup group for English speakers, and a Facebook group. Please note that in order to join either you will need to speak English very, very well. Many members are English teachers and have no interest in seeing their private, social spaces used for free English lessons.

You will obviously also find other groups, both on Facebook and Meetup, and if you work in Bergamo, you will likely make friends in your workplace, as well– especially if you teach English. If you have moved to Bergamo with children, that will often open doors for you too, as your kids’ daycare or school will bring  a ready-made social circle with them (you’ve just got to infiltrate!).

You can find the Bergamo English Speakers’ International Meetup group here, and you can ask to join the Living in Bergamo Facebook group through Facebook. You will be asked to introduce yourself in both before you are added. People who live in Bergamo are given priority.

If you know of any other groups that you think should be added here, please let us know in the comments!

If you live close to Milan or visit often enough, you might also like to check out the Benvenuto Club (for ladies, only).

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