Eating out

Indian restaurants

Restaurant Shiva


British and American-style restaurants and cafes

Sweet Irene

A cafe that offers British- and American-style cakes, muffins, teas and light lunches.

Lekka Lekka

An American-style breakfast place geared towards students and young folk.

Goss Grill

Delicious American style burgers.  Take away or eat in.

Greek restaurants


Reasonably priced for take away or eat in.

Japanese restaurants


The only sushi restaurant in Bergamo owned & operated by Japanese and the best sushi in town.

Mexican restaurants


Much more Tex-Mex than Mexican, but it gets the job done.

“Street Food” in Citta Alta.

PolentOne Citta’ Alta. Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe 1 Citta’ Alta.

Polenta take away with different choices of sides like ragù, porcini, cheese. There are also a few small tables outside. Excellent, traditional and quick comfort food for reasonable price (the plates are 5/6 €). A perfect stopover after/during a sightseeing walk in the old town.

l Fornaio

Or as we call it: Kilo-Pizza. A huge selection of yummy pizza or better focaccia you´ll pay per weight (that´s why Kilo-Pizza). Eat in or take away to enjoy the fab view at P.zza Vecchia  sitting on the stairs of the library.

“Street Food” in Piazza Pondita.


Pzz.a Pontida n.28, Traditional tastes from the Levant: Kebab (really yummy!), falafel, hummus and sweets, very sweet sweets. Eat in (a few tables and chairs, not for proper posh dinners but perfect if you like it quick, cheap and yummy) or take away.

La Zuppa di Sigi 

Just behind Sultan in Pzz.a Pontida/ in Vicolo dei Dottori.

Daily fresh cooked comfort food: stews and hearty soups-vegetarian and sometimes vegan options too (they used vegetable broth).


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