Eating in

This is a bit of a work in progress … please tell us if you find anything not listed here! Or if you think there is a better way of organizing this list.

Oh and for a company that delivers from Britain, check out British Corner Shop.

Bagels — Picard, between Nessi and Oviesse, on Largo Porta Nuova, 12.

Buttermilk — NaturaSi on Borgo Palazzo, Coop in Mapello

Carnation Caramel — China Market on via Quarenghi

Cheddar — Iper Orio centre and Esselunga

Coriander, fresh — Vietnam-Africa market on via Maj

Cream of tartar — Gigante

Creme fraiche — Esselunga

Custard powder — Vietnam-Africa market on via Maj

German rye bread — Lidl

Golden syrup — Gigante

Honey & mustard dressing — Esselunga

Jelly — Mr Pitkins, Vietnam-Africa market on via Maj, NaturaSi

Kettle chips — Esselunga, IKEA

Maple syrup — Sweet Irene

Miso soup — Esselunga

Pita bread — Esselunga

Quark — Lidl

Rooibos tea — Esselunga and Mr Pitkins

Self-raising flour — Iper

Sicilian food —

Sour cream — Esselunga and Coop

Spices — Tiger in city centre, organic (Sonnentor) at NaturaSi on Borgo Palazzo

Vegetable chips — Esselunga

Wasabi — Esselunga

Selection of frozen foreign foods, including bagels — Picard, between Nessi and Oviesse on Largo Porta Nuova, 12.

Veggies: nearly any kind can be ordered (if not in the shop) at Livio (Bresciani Livio Via Masone 5, 24121 BG)-but be aware of the price. Livio is more like a boutique. Parsnip (pastinaca), mango, ripe avocado etc.

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