20th of March: partial sun eclipse

Partial sun eclipse. Pic from artbyrandy

Partial sun eclipse. Pic from artbyrandy

20th of March Between 09:00 and 11:30 Partial sun eclipse   And please take care: IF you want to look at this spectacle, like directly into the sun: your high protecting fashion statement accessorize from RayBan or similar won’t do this job. You do need the specific ones! Please consider this. It is really important.


Additional visits at “area archaeologic di vicolo aquila nera” in Citta Alta.


Ever walked behind the library in Citta Alta and wondered what is the story behind the ancient stone walls and stairs you see through the glass doors? How old are they? Who lived back in ancient times and how? Take your chance for a free guided tour (though I am afraid italian only but it is free entrance with experts). New dates either at 16:00 or 16:30, maximum 25 people (must have been a huge amount of people the first visit) on 29th March, 26th April and 31st May. Make your appointment and call +39 035 286 070.