In the news

Not really sure what to think of this story …

Italian father jailed for pressing daughters to lose weight

Man convicted of causing psychological trauma after encouraging teenagers to ski and to eat a macrobiotic diet
 Also in the news … verybello. Has anyone checked it out? Some of my Italian friends are absolutely mortified by it. BGNews is unimpressed. Maybe they’d like bergamo city kiwi better?

On immigration

I used to teach an older Italian student. As he grew older, he became ever less diplomatic. Eventually, he would embarrass fellow students during group conversation lessons by airing his not-so-savoury views on foreigners. When I challenged him on one occasion, he was completely taken aback. ‘I don’t mean people like you, of course. I mean the extracommunitari.’ Hm. There was no arguing with him though, no real understanding of what hardships might drive people to risk their (own and their children’s) lives to get here.

I was reminded of him by this story in National Geographic (it’s from before Christmas).

The Gambirasio case

In spite of the fact that I was living here when this happened, it wasn’t until I read this recent article in The Guardian that I actually understood everything that happened in the Yara Gambirasio case. It’s a well-written article, but it obviously makes for sad reading.

On 26 November 2010, Yara Gambirasio, 13, went missing. Three months later her body was discovered in scrubland nearby. So began one of the most complex murder investigations in Italian history, which will reach its climax later this year.

You can read the full article here.


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