Drop-in English lessons for kids by WSI at IBS

I just stumbled upon this while looking something else up. Apparently Wall Street Institute are doing drop-in English lessons for kids at the IBS bookstore on via XX Settembre on Saturday 14 February. You can find more information here. I have never attended and have no idea who is teaching this, so I’m just passing this on!

Minae Mizumura’s The Fall of Language in the Age of English

The book’s basic premise, developed in a sinuous line through seven chapters, is that every language creates and nourishes untranslatable truths. Dominant languages infuse their verities into the wider world, crowding out alternative visions from more minor tongues. Linguistic asymmetry isn’t new—over the past two centuries, Latin, classical Chinese, and French each took a turn in the sun—but never has one language so completely eclipsed the rest, Mizumura says, as today, in the age of the Internet, with English.

An interesting  book review and article about what is lost in the rise and fall of languages (particularly the English language) , from Slate.