‘European classics’ in Roman schools

Recently on the Living in Bergamo Facebook page we discussed this initiative in Rome, which tried to introduce children to a variety of European ‘classics’. Sadly, it appears to be a great idea that was badly executed. I’m also really disappointed in the choice of some of the dishes. Traditional Irish chicken and chips? Not so much, really. What about Irish stew, or some Irish salmon? A dish with lots of lovely, floury potatoes? Soda bread? One can only assume the hot dogs were actually sausages, maybe representing Germany or Austria? Except that a properly made Wurst or Wuerstchen has precious little to do with the ‘wurstel’ the kids were in all likelihood served.


One thought on “‘European classics’ in Roman schools

  1. Unfortunately again a school lunch project poorly planned and failed 😦 The choices are a bit weird. Being Austrian I am fine with the Schnitzel. The hotdog was their German choice. And I am pretty sure: the Würstl used are so not real (!) ones. (I import them from Salzburg-did not find any here) Introducing dishes needs a little more: a bit of history, a bit of “let´s cook together” a bit of FUN. Trying new tastes and habits needs to be fun and not pressure. Personally I am missing the opinion of the costumers: the children. What´s their opinion?


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