On the English language … again

I recently read an interesting article in The Atlantic on how tricky spelling is in English, and how this hampers learning in other areas for kids. Very interesting!  I have to admit that I used to be totally mystified by why learning to read was such a lengthy process in the Anglophone world … (I started my schooling in Germany). Now I know a little more. It explains the push to start literacy instruction earlier and earlier (but a link in the article also explains why this is not necessarily a good, developmentally appropriate idea). Lots of food for thought, as always. I can’t find the link now (found it), but it seems that the Italian education minister has announced that Italian-English bilingual instruction in several subjects will become widely available in public schools in the near future, so this raises interesting questions there too. I suppose this is where you debate which language should be learned first, and through which language children should first, formally be introduced to reading and writing (not English, it would seem!). I read about a series of case studies of bilingual immersion programmes in Canada a while back that addressed some of these issues by Jim Cummins, if I’m not mistaken.

Apparently a similar project is already underway in Lombardy. And it seems that the British Council is in on it too.

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