As you can see, this blog is a work in progress, and unfortunately things are progressing at a glacial speed. Majestic, but slow. Ha. I would really appreciate any feedback, advice and contributions you might like to offer. I hope to write more posts in the coming weeks and months, and to make this space both more entertaining and informative, but — as always — it may take me a while to make this happen.

What would you be interested in reading about?  What burning questions do you have for your fellow expats (sorry, I know some of you hate that word) that haven’t already been answered in the Facebook group? Who would you like to see me (attempt to) interview?

Would anyone like to write the occasional guest post, or share some photos snapped out and about in Bergamo?

Does anyone want to share an event or advertise their business or service? Would anyone like to be featured and given an opportunity to showcase their talent or event? Looking for a job? Looking to hire someone?

What useful information have I allowed to slip between the cracks? Does anything need to be updated or amended?

Please drop me a line and help me make this space more user-friendly and useful!




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